Use our suite of IP investment services to discover new technologies and commercialise your innovations.

Invention Discovery

Bespoke reports that scout promising, acquirable technologies in your areas of interest. The presented IP is screened for scientific merit, fit and availability by our panel of expert advisors. Our unparalleled university research network mitigates adverse selection, assuring that you will be shown IP on the mark for your business.

Invention Evaluator

Assess the market potential of any technology with Invention Evaluator. Our proprietary research algorithms and team of industry analysts combine to offer the best of both human-led and computerized research in one report. IE reports give you a broad overview of a technology’s market landscape, IP position and technical merits, culminating in a clearer view of its likelihood of success.

IP Search App

An affordable, convenient Android/iOS search app for exploring international university patents. Find acquirable university technologies in any field with just a tap. With a clean interface, bookmarking and export features, the Tekcapital app is an efficient, hassle-free tool for exploring the university patent space.

Vortechs Group

Identify and screen new team members to expand your IP commercialisation efforts. Find tech transfer professionals and recruitment resources that will make your office more productive and profitable. With two decades of experience, Vortechs is the key to hiring your next IP all-star.

Julian Mitchell
In addition to a growing portfolio of university IP (UIP) investments, Tekcapital helps research institutions and businesses develop disruptive technologies and expand their portfolios of intellectual capital through leveraging their suite of powerful and convenient technology transfer services.
Huffington Post
Nick Hastreiter
An entrepreneur who wants to benefit from UIP would traditionally have to network with individual universities, making relationships with their Technology Transfer Offices. But today entrepreneurs and international organizations facilitate a near frictionless system of access to that wealth of innovation.
Drew Hendricks
Tekcapital released an app earlier this year that allows users to search for IP from their smartphones. This is a good way to get a feel for what is out there, identify technology you may want, and get your creative wheels spinning.
Tech Transfer Central
David Schwartz
The Tekcapital app is quite impressive-it’s a big leap for IP professionals and companies seeking IP to just open up their phone or tablet and find university technologies around the world in literally any field. It’s a must-have for the very busy people involved in tech transfer, business development, tech scouting, and other roles that revolve around scientific innovations and the commercial application of those discoveries.
Duke University School of Medicine
Scott Gibson
We could not have been more pleased with their performance and value to our organization.
University of Arkansas
Jeff Amerine
Former Director of Technology Ventures
What you do is disruptively high quality at a value no one else has been able to touch.
NYSE Euronext
Paul Dorfman
Managing Director
Tekcapital has a unique and beneficial business which helps companies of all sizes find and acquire university discoveries to create market value. We have found their offering to be well-received by our listed companies that have tried the service.

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