Invention Evaluator Growing into Major Thought Leader in Tech Analysis

Hello all! Tekcapital is growing on every front, from portfolio companies to tech services. Of particular note are the new developments Invention Evaluator has been undergoing lately. Not only is a new IE “Startup Report” becoming available shortly, the service (and its director Amy Shim) have been featured in a number of well-known publications, on topics such as tech commercialization and investment triage, both of which IE helps businesses and universities with on a regular basis.
Most recently, in a article discussing voice AI, Ms. Shim explains how a SWOT analysis can prevent new startups in the space from burning their funding on unoriginal IP.
She also talks strategy and market potential of innovations in a new FutureTech podcast.
Finally, in a new Born2Invest article, she discusses the need to be able to quickly assess IP for its true value in a rapidly evolving technology landscape.
Stay tuned to learn more about how Tekcapital, and its IE service, can help your business or organization grow faster with new IP.

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