Press Release: Lucyd First to Offer Audio Smartglasses in Prescription

Hello Tekcapital readers. We are always on the move to bring valuable technologies to market, and our Lucyd portfolio company is no exception. The wearable space, particularly smartglasses, have been held back from mainstream adoption partially because of inability to address their highly personal nature. Lucyd has developed an eShop for innovative eyewear to address this issue. The Lucyd eShop offers several cutting-edge glasses which can be ordered in the exact lens preferences of the customer, whether is it with or without prescription, sunglass or clear, and more.
Read more about how Lucyd is bringing necessary customization options to the smartglass space here.
Lucyd is committed to being both a price and feature leader in eyewear, and have added two practicing eye doctors to the team, as well as a host of other features that already distinguish it in the optics space.

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