Lucyd Launches Eyewear eShop at

Tekcapital’s Lucyd portfolio company has come along way since it was founded in September 2017. It raised $6m in a crowdfund in just a few short months, grew an international following, and has just opened its eShop for cutting-edge eyewear. The goal of the Lucyd eShop is to upgrade your vision with the latest techs and trends in eyewear, from unique designer frames to comfortable AR smartglasses. In addition to their in-house development of AR smartglasses, as new technologies become available in the space, Lucyd will seek to offer them on its eShop, with prescription options at affordable prices.
The smartglass space is notorious for late and nixed deliveries, poor customer experiences, and lack of practical options. Lucyd will seek to address this by continuing to research the best smartglass technologies available, with its commitment to meeting deadlines and delivery dates, and by providing high quality, innovative eyewear to customers around the world. Upgrade your eyewear today at!
Read the press release here in English or here in Spanish. There are already two articles out as well, at Proactive Investors and Voxmarkets! Enjoy, and please leave us your feedback at or on Facebook.

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