Invention Evaluator: A New Thought Leader in Tech Investment

Invention Evaluator is one of our most powerful services–it can help you find the market potential of any new innovation in just 10 days for a nominal fee. A combination of specialized analysts in Seattle, and proprietary research algorithms, it is a unique and efficient way to determine whether a new technology is worth patenting or investing in. Many universities and business have found it to be more efficient, cost-effective and accurate than other means of commercial analysis. The articles below are focused on the benefit of early-stage tech analysis, without a particular bias to Invention Evaluator. However, the service addresses many of the needs presented. In total, Invention Evaluator has contributed four new articles this week to the tech investment press.
In the article, you can learn how outsourcing investment review is more efficient than doing it in-house.
In the Startupnation article, you can find the how and why of the patenting process.
The Born2invest article discusses the importance of screening venture capital investments.
Finally, the Valuewalk article discusses how to project the potential of a new idea in the marketplace.
We hope you enjoy these four articles about technology and investment analysis. At Tekcapital, we are focused not only on being a provider of best-in-class technology services, but also serving the tech transfer, investment and university research communities with quality content to help them pick winning technologies, and build a more profitable and productive tomorrow.

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