Our network of 4,500+ research institutions gives us an edge.
Tekcapital Intro
Tekcapital is a unique IP investment company. We acquire and commercialise technologies developed by our global university network. The map above represents the research institutions in our reach. The technologies we bring to market evidence our ethos—we’re only interested in new innovations that can improve quality of life and create lasting value.
In addition to our own university IP (UIP) investments, we help companies and research institutions discover new technologies and commercialize their IP portfolios. We accomplish this through our range of convenient and powerful technology transfer services. Namely, we provide discovery reports to deliver curated lists of UIP in a selected field, analysis reports to assess the market potential of any technology, placement services to source IP professionals for businesses and universities, and the Tekcapital app to help you find acquirable UIP anytime, anywhere.
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