Tekcapital Webinar for The University of Caixas Do Sul (UCS)

Hello Tek Family,

We are pleased to announce our last successful webinar for The University of Caxias do Sul (UCS) in Brazil, this past Tuesday, October 29th. Our webinar was titled, “Increasing the productivity and marketing of an IP portfolio”.

It is often seen that the value of an IP is not appreciated. This doesn’t allow institutions to take full advantage of the potential profit opportunities that the product or service might have in the market. The purpose of our webinars is to help key players on the innovation ecosystem to be more strategic when utilizing their IP portfolio and help them focus on enhancing the competitiveness of it. Our main goal is to expose the value business asset of the IP.

We thank Michael Rosen Managing Director, Academic & Entrepreneurship Training  and Eduardo Giacomazzi Business Development Advisor for providing this webinar and we encourage you to read more about our services at Tekcapital

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