Lucyd Featured Across the Press – New CEO Interview

Hello Tek community, we hope you’re doing well.

We’d like to share some new press coverage for our portfolio company, Lucyd. Most interestingly, Lucyd CEO Harrison Gross is interviewed on some core features of their in-development Vyrb™ app. Vyrb is being designed to allow their smart frames to interact with traditional social media.

Lucyd was also featured in Tech Bullion, Gadget Flow, and most recently on

The Lucyd IP portfolio and chief operations were licensed to a new American corp. owned by Lucyd Ltd: Innovative Eyewear, Inc. Innovative Eyewear is conducting a Registered Crowdfund in the United States, giving them a large potential investor and customer audience, by bringing the brand into the US market.

To learn more about Innovative Eyewear, and how they plan to disrupt the online eyeglass market, please visit their campaign page. Note that due to regulatory reasons, residents of the UK and Canada cannot participate in this offering.