Lucyd Featured Among Leading Smart Eyewear in Gadget Flow

Hello Tek community,

We are pleased to share an exciting bit of news today. Portfolio company Lucyd was just organically featured among leading products in the smart eyewear space, in a new roundup from well-read technology publication, the Gadget Flow. Read the article here. This highly complimentary feature places Lucyd eyewear alongside market leaders and innovators such as the Facebook Aria project, Google Glass Enterprise Edition & the Cinemizer from Zeiss.

Lucyd is well on its way to reaching the funding goal of its registered crowdfund, with over $300,000 USD committed to-date, from over 1,300 individual retail investors who believe in Lucyd’s mission. The new Lucyd Lyte line is expected to launch in mid-December, and has already garnered very favorable reviews from the Odyssey and Lucyd’s beta testers, with 10/11 testers giving the product a perfect rating.

Please note that the crowdfund is not open to residents of the UK or Canada due to regulatory reasons. Tekcapital plc owns 100% of the share capital of Lucyd.