Lucyd in the Press

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As Lucyd approaches the launch of their upcoming Lyte™ line of audio eyewear, they have been featured in notable tech publication Gadget Flow for the second time in two months. For the previously shared feature where Lyte was placed among leaders in the smartglass space, go here. For the new feature, head here.

Lucyd Lyte was also featured in a new comparison review against their main competitor, the Bose Frames. This review provides some detailed consumer insights into the product, and Lyte proves the victor thanks to its more affordable price and slimmer appearance. This follows a favorable comparison review last month in the Odyssey.

Lucyd Lyte has been opened for pre-order on, with global shipping available. Lyte begins to ship on December 30th, 2020.

Lucyd has recently raised $375,000 USD in an ongoing Regulation Crowdfund, which concludes February 25th, 2021. Please note this offering is not open to individuals in the UK or Canada.

Thanks for reading. Warm wishes, and a happy new year, from the Tekcapital team!