Lucyd Secures First Utility Patent

Hello Tek community,

Thanks for following our mission to improve quality of life with beneficial technology. You may have heard recently that Lucyd is launching a new line of their Bluetooth e-glasses, and indeed that’s correct–Lucyd Lyte launches next month on and It’s the first frame they’re launching that looks and feels just like regular glasses, so we’re excited to see how the market reacts!

In addition to e-glass hardware, Lucyd is working on two software apps that both have a connected utility patent. The Link app patent, which has just been given notice of allowance from the USPTO, is centered on increasing the flexibility and user control of wearables in a multi-device IOT (Internet of Things) environment, one which Lucyd expects to become the norm as more and more traditional devices, such as glasses and watches, become “smart”.

Read more on Vox Markets. Lucyd is conducting a Registered Crowdfund on Startengine, however it is not open to UK and Canada investors due to regulations. Despite this, it’s a great place to check for the company’s progress. Over 1,200 people have invested thus far, pointing to a strong belief in the company’s potential to penetrate the eyewear mass market.