As a socially responsible IP investment company, Tekcapital continuously seeks to acquire and develop new technologies for commercialisation.
We have stringent requirements for the technologies we pursue:
  • The IP must be socially responsible and if successful will help address a global health or safety problem.
  • The IP must be disruptive in its field.
  • The IP must address a large growing, global market and
  • The IP must be ready for commercialization.
Belluscura Plc
A global medical device company in the respiratory space that is passionate about making healthcare more affordable.
Lucyd Ltd.
Technologies to produce advanced Bluetooth enabled eyewear that enrich the visual experience whilst increasing the safety of pedestrians.
Salarius Ltd.
A patented process for producing nano-particle sized salt crystals that can reduce sodium consumption by up to 50% in savory snacks, whilst still providing the natural salt taste consumers enjoy.
Guident Ltd.
A portfolio of new IP for enhancing the safety and efficiency of autonomous vehicles and ground-based delivery drones to facilitate “touch-free” deliveries.
Smart Food Tek Ltd.
A patented food baking process that perfectly emulates the look, taste, crunchiness and mouth feel of fried food with 60% less fat.

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