Press Release: Lucyd to Introduce Modular Bluetooth Eyewear

Hello Tek community,

We hope the holiday season is going well for you. We’re pleased to share today that portfolio company Lucyd has filed five new patents and a trademark on an innovative new eyewear system.

The planned “Lucyd Loox” line of glasses will boast a first-ever feature in smart eyewear–interchangeable parts. This flexibility will allow the wearer to rapidly change the frontplate and lenses of their glasses, as well as replace the Bluetooth arms if needed. Lucyd will develop new frontplates on a regular basis, and for a modest fee users will be able to completely update the look of their glasses every month. This also enables prescription wearers to update their prescription and/or get new lenses for different scenarios at a much more affordable price than buying an entire new pair of glasses.

This innovative feature will bring unprecedented flexibility to the Lucyd eyewear experience. Lucyd will offer a unique GaaS (Glasses-as-a-Service) subscription to provide new frontplates, with or without prescription, on a monthly basis. Lucyd expects the line to launch in H1 2020 at approximately $119. This story was featured in Proactive Investors, Vox Markets, and Shares.

Tekcapital owns 100% of Lucyd Ltd.

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