MicroSalt Featured in Voxmarkets

Hello Tek community,

Our portfolio company Salarius is making headlines once again today. In a new Voxmarkets piece, Salarius’ MicroSalt product was featured as a major breakthrough in consumer health. MicroSalt is natural salt, in a microscopic crystal, which allows for faster sensory uptake by the tongue by volume. The result? Natural salt, with the same flavor as regular salt, but at half the sodium. This patented innovation has incredible potential to reduce excessive sodium consumption worldwide.

With Americans consuming on average 50% more sodium than the recommended daily maximum, and this contributing to a host of problematic health conditions, MicroSalt presents a significant opportunity to improve quality of life in the US, UK and beyond.

Read the article on Voxmarkets. Tekcapital owns 97.5% of Salarius LLC.

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