Industry Magazine Bakery & Snacks Features Salarius as a Major Innovator in Foodtech

Salarius’ SaltMe chips to launch in 71 US stores in May.

Hello Tek community,

We hope you are staying safe in this pressing time. Thank you for continuing to follow our business and our mission to improve the quality of life with university innovations. As you may have seen in this week’s press release, Mexico is rolling out new labeling guidelines, requiring high-sodium food products to have a large, discouraging stop sign-shaped warning on the front. This has led to an immediate need for low sodium technologies, of which Salarius’ MicroSalt is the only one to our knowledge that can reduce sodium without impacting flavor whatsoever. That’s because MicroSalt is salt, in a micron-sized particle which our taste buds register much faster than traditional salt grains by volume.

Not only is Salarius already in talks with major Mexican food manufacturers to integrate MicroSalt into their products, they have just been covered in the industry magazine, Bakery and Snacks. The article points to MicroSalt as a logical solution to reduce customer sodium intake and avoid the new labels. Read it here.

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