Major Milestone for Salarius with SaltMe! Crisps Debuting in 71 Stores

Hello Tek community,

We hope you are staying safe. Tekcapital’s mission has always been to improve the quality of life through technology, and that dream is becoming realized in our Salarius portfolio company. With their groundbreaking low-sodium technology called MicroSalt, Salarius is releasing a new line of potato crisps that have roughly half the sodium of the market-leading crisp, while matching the salty savor of their full sodium counterparts. This is made possible by MicroSalt’s natural, micron-sized salt particles, which afford the same saltiness at about half the volume of regular salt, because they are absorbed twice as quickly by taste buds.

In an exciting development, SaltMe! snacks have been fast-tracked to be introduced to 71 food retail stores in May 2020, introducing the new product line to the relatively health-conscious American Northeast market. This will rapidly introduce the products, and MicroSalt in general, to thousands of customers, and bypass the typically cumbersome process of getting a new food product into distribution. Read coverage of the release in Proactive Investors.

The American CDC has indicated that sodium consumption of less than 2.3g per day is recommended for adults, however the “vast majority” of adults consume 50% more than this recommended limit. Data from the UK in 2016 points to average adult consumption of 8g per day of sodium, and that reducing this to even 6g per day can prevent about 8,000 premature deaths per year. These data points highlight the immediate need for low-sodium technologies like MicroSalt to help reduce sodium intake and improve heart health.

A new study from Cargill points to the importance of low-sodium options, indicating that when choosing a salty snack consumers care most about the sodium content, followed by the apparent naturalness of the ingredients. This food industry trend heralds the great potential of SaltMe! snacks in the market, which are both low sodium and all-natural.

Tekcapital owns 91.7% of Salarius Ltd. Tek shares are up 10% today, trading at 8.25p.

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