Science Advisors

Our panel of 50 expert scientists.
At Tekcapital, sourcing new discoveries and the intellectual properties associated with them is just the beginning. To help ensure that these properties contain the potential energy necessary for real product improvement, we have assembled a world-class team of science advisors to scientifically screen each technology before it is presented for our clients to consider.

Alexander Mordvintsev

His current work is focused on establishing Self-Organizing Systems Design as an engineering discipline. The very first, and probably the most complex skill that every living creature masters is to be able to build and maintain its own body. This happens through collective behavior of countless tiny locally integrating agents pursuing their own goals. I’m looking to apply lessons from Differentiable Programming (aka Deep Learning) to create systems based on these principles given the objective specification. This effort was triggered by the presentation “What Bodies Think About” that Prof. Michael Levin gave at Neurips 2018. Previously he worked on understanding deep neural networks by inspecting the computational circuits and their dynamics emerging during training.He started this work when he joined Google in 2014 and got introduced to the modern generation of differentiable machine learning models. DeepDream was probably the most known artifact produced by this line of his research in 2015.

M.Sc.  SPb ITMO  (Russia), Applied mathematics and programming, Master’s  thesis “Dynamic voxel scene rendering on GPU” 

Dr. Russ Salakhutdinov

Former director of AI at Apple. Russ is a Professor of Computer Science in the Department of Machine Learning at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU). He received his PhD in computer science from the University of Toronto. After spending two post-doctoral years at MIT, he joined the University of Toronto and later moved to CMU. He has authored/co-authored over 150 research papers and his work has received over 170,000 citations according to Google Scholar. He is an Alfred P. Sloan Research Fellow, Microsoft Research Faculty Fellow, a recipient of the Early Researcher Award, Google Faculty Award, and Nvidia’s Pioneers of AI award. Russ serves as a science advisor to the fund.

Professor Chas Bountra
Translational Medicine, Genomics, Drug Discovery.
University of Oxford.

John W. Elling
Biotech Entrepreneur.
Acoustic Biosystems Inc, Mesa Tech International Inc, Acoustic Cytometry Systems, Integrated Genomics.

Professor David Gavagan
Computational Biology, Medical Imaging.
University of Oxford.

Marielle S. Gross, M.D.
Obstetrics and gynecology.
Johns Hopkins University.

Edward Diehl
Biomedical Technologies.
President at Pathway Biotechnologies

Jed Johnson
Nanotechnology & Bioengineering.
Nanofiber Solutions.

Professor Robert Miller, M.D.
Oncology, radiotherapy, and national randomized controlled trials in symptom control drugs in cancer therapy.
Mayo Clinic.

Vivek Ramakrishnan
Computational Biophysics and Electrophysiology.
Business Development Manager at Intellectual Ventures and previously at Beckman Research Institute.

Samuel Thevasagayam
Pharmaceuticals, SPO Animal Health.
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Dan Palmer
Pharmaceuticals and Biotech.
Q Chip Limited.

Ian Cox
Pharmaceutical and Pre-clinical Advisor.
IDACO Consulting Limited.

Dr. Andrea Walsh
Molecular Genomics
Independent IP Consultant, LeapFrog Patent Solutions
Distinguished Professor Jerry Woodall
Electric and Computer Engineering, Inventor of the red LED and recipient of the US Technology Medal
from President Bush. Univerity of California at Davis.

Professor Joseph D Ben-Dak
Low Carbon Technologies
Founder and Chief of the UN Global Technologies Group. Senior Consultant in Sustainability
Global Climate Change and cognate issues.
Former Principal Advisor to the United Nations Secretary General (Science and Technology).

Professor Peter Edwards
Inorganic Chemistry, Photovoltaic Devices, Semiconductors.
University of Oxford

Bill Grieco
Expert in Chemicals and Materials, Clean Tech and Energy Industries.

Irina Serebrennikova
Electrochemistry, Materials and Batteries.

Deidre Strand
Batteries, Energy Storage and BioFuel Cells.
Wildcat Discovery Technologies.

John Tao
Combustion Technologies with particular expertise in gas separations, coal conversion and

Charles Brumlik
Alternative Energy, New Materials and Intellectual Property Assessment.

Andris Abele
Clean Tech Executive.
Institute for Technology Advancement, University of California and Tech Compass.
Bob Gruetzmacher
Organic Chemistry.

Jacob W. Maczuga
Specialist in Bio-Chemical Engineering.
Academic Enterprise Partners.

Michael Martella
Chemical Engineer.
General Manager of Anergy Limited.

Professor George R. Newkome
Chemistry & Polymer Science.
Former President & CEO, University of Akron Research Foundation.

Sudheer Pimputkar
Solar and Gas (Energy) Technology.

Professor Samiul Amin
Specialist in Material Science, Nanotechnology, Consumer Goods and Scientific Instrumentation.
Manhattan College, L’Oreal, Unilever and Malvern Instruments.
Shashaanka Ashili
Bioengineering and Optical Science.
CEO of CureScience.

Professor Paul Newman
Information Engineering, Software and Robotics.
University of Oxford.

Fatih Porikli
Distinguished Research Scientist, Video Analysis.
Mitsubishi Electric Research Labs.

Barry Schrager
Expert in Data Security and System Software Design and Development.
Northwestern University.

Mukesh Sharma
Cloud Computing & Big Data Expert.

Dr Jannick Rolland
Optics and Biomedical Engineer.
Professor in the Center for Visual Science at the University of Rochester.

Frank Razavi
Electrical Engineer.
Purdue Research Foundation.

Professor Gerry Musgrave
Hi-Tech Specialist.
Fred Allen
Materials Science, Surface Chemistry, and Crystallography applied to Catalysis, Energy Storage and Corrosion. 
NEI Corporation.

Tyler Ellis
Nuclear Engineering.
Ellis Engineering. Previously at TerraPower.

Clifford M. Gross
Biomechanics and Ergonomics.
Tekcapital plc.

Professor Chang-Ho Kim
Mechanical engineering.
Korean Institute of Science and Technology.

Michael Muthig
Geological Sciences.
Stuart Falk
Pesticide and Biopesticide R&D.
Falk Agricultural Research, LLC.

Richard Cahoon
Agricultural Specialist.
BioProperty Strategy Group, Inc.
Dr. Mihaela Ulieru
Chief Innovation Officer.
Affectio, Endor (MIT Startup), MyBit.

Douglas Graham
Blockchain Expert.
Executive Director of Ideation Inc.

Daniel Berger
Blockchain Expert.
CEO of MCC Code.

Jose Enrique Hernandez
Blockchain expert.
SVP Engineering of Zenedge.

Peter B. Nichol
Expert in Blockchain technology, Strategy, Healthcare and BioTech.
Oroca Innovations.
Dr. Marc Perron
President and Founder of Alizem Inc.

Alexandre Fong
SVP Life Sciences and Instrumentation.
Gooch & Housego.
Dr. Ali Alwattari
Senior Scientific Advisor of Halliburton.

Stephen Trzaska
Founder of TecGenesis.

Dr. Zouhair Stephan
Claim Substantiation Manager.