Tek Launches up to $10m Fundraising Round for Lucyd

In the course of our mission to bring university discoveries to the marketplace, sometimes Tekcapital encounters a new opportunity to add value to university innovations and make them ready for the commercial sector. Token sales are a new way to crowdsource fundraising for startups, allowing companies with blockchain-centric businesses to conduct peer-to-peer token sales. In exchange for purchasing tokens, participants are entitled to purchase a pair of augmented realty glasses or associated apps, when they are available.
Since Token sales are decentralized offerings, allowing individuals to participate with any currency, they cast a much wider net than traditional early stage fundraising methods. Also, as Token purchasers are usually involved with advanced technologies they are more likely to be early adopters of token funded projects.
Tekcapital has established and funded Lucyd, a portfolio company containing the exclusive license to 13 augmented reality patents from the University of Central Florida. Lucyd is launching a Token sale to build the next-gen AR smartglasses. Read the latest press on Lucyd here, or visit lucyd.co for more information on this exciting new project.

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