Tekcapital signs agreement with UTEQ to expand services in Mexico

Tekcapital has executed a strategic alliance with The Technological University of Queretaro (UTEQ) to expand services in Mexico. UTEQ is a leading public university located in the high-tech zone of Queretaro that supports the technology and innovations ecosystem. UTEQ has created the Creativity and Innovation Center (CIC) 4.0 as a platform to promote industry commercialization of university technology. Through CIC 4.0, UTEQ seeks to increase industry, government and academy collaborations.

The new alliance was announced at UTEQ’s Industry 4.0 event, where they were celebrating their 25th anniversary and offering conferences and panels with central topics focusing on innovation challenges and opportunities.

The Executive Chairman of Tekcapital, Dr. Clifford Gross, commented on the alliance, “We are enthusiastic about moving forward with this strategic alliance as UTEQ is a university innovation thought leader and Mexico is a rapidly growing market for Tekcapital’s technology investment and commercialization services.”

The Provost of UTEQ, Jose Colors Arredondo, also commented on the alliance,“ “For our ecosystem, Tekcapital represents a strategic link that will strengthen the culture of valuing the intellectual property arising from innovation, applied research and the technological development of the academia in Mexico.

Tekcapital and UTEQ have unified forces to cultivate university technology IP and speed up the commercialization of university technology, start-up formation, and cluster development.

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