Tekcapital acquires autonomous driving auto-parking patent

Tekcapital is always hunting for the most disruptive patents to come out of universities, for commercialization to the public. Just this week, Tekcapital’s portfolio company Guident Ltd. acquired an exclusive license to a brand new autonomous driving technology. This useful tech from Florida A&M University is an app-based AI system for automatic parking and retrieval of autonomous vehicles. The tech essentially functions as an AI valet, just hop out of your car and it will find a space for you (originally planned to be configured for specific parking lots, but could enable regular city parking too.) When you’re ready to get going, just a tap on the app and your car will find you, all on its own.
Even though autonomous driving is still in its infancy, at Tekcapital we believe that autonomous vehicles will need a suite of apps to operate smoothly and provide the most value to their users. We think our new auto-valet patent will be a valuable addition to any autonomous driving system.

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