Lucyd CEO Wins Startup Pitch Contest in Boca Raton

Hello Tek community,

More good news from portfolio company Lucyd today! Lucyd CEO Harrison Gross pitched their story of upgrading eyewear to a panel of investors at the StartupPop 33rd Pitch Competition–and won! At the event last week in Boca Raton, Mr. Harrison shared the Lucyd mission with a crowd of entrepreneurs and investors to an overwhelmingly positive response.

The unique and powerful features that are the hallmarks of Lucyd eyewear, prescription compatibility, Bluetooth connectivity, affordability and a focus on style lacking elsewhere in the smartglass space, made Lucyd stand out among the competing startups. Additionally, Harrison got a chance to demo the upcoming Lucyd Loud 3.0 model on several attendees, and the excitement was palpable. Smartglasses are still an emerging market, but Lucyd’s early focus on customer needs, utility and unencumbered vision answer many of the issues that have slowed the adoption of tech-enhanced glasses. We look forward to what 2020 brings for Lucyd, we know it will be nothing short of clear vision!

Tekcapital plc owns 100% of Lucyd Ltd and its subsidiaries. Thanks to Tekcapital, Lucyd has a capacity to develop, protect and propel new IP in the tech eyewear field.

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