Lucyd Launches Sport Memorabilia Sunglasses with Richard Sherman

Hello Tek community,

We know it’s been a rocky week, but we have a great development in portfolio company Lucyd to share with you! Today Lucyd has launched the Sherman Shades collection. This new line of four sunglasses boast a number of unique features, including cutting-edge lens technology, ultra-modern style and a limited edition football card. They were designed to offer the maximum in eye protection, on and off the field, while also being a collectible for Richard Sherman and 49ers fans. With only 2,700 pairs made for Season One, we believe it could become a hot ticket item for NFL fans across the USA.

One of the pairs in the collection, Cool Down, features a new type of lens that has never before been sold in the US: transitional haze master. This cutting-edge lens offers maximum defence against digital screens, and darkens in sunlight, to give both indoor and outdoor eye protection. Read more about the launch on Proactive Investors. Sherman Shades are sold exclusively on

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