Welcome to Tekcapital

Our network of 4,500+ research institutions & IP assessment tools create a competitive advantage
OUR NETWORK OF 4,500+ RESEARCH INSTITUTIONS & our assessment Tools creates a competitive advantage.

Tekcapital is a unique IP investment company. We acquire and commercialise technologies developed by our global university network. The technologies we bring to market evidence our ethos—we’re only interested in new innovations that, if successful, can improve quality of life of the customers we serve.

In addition to our own portfolio investments, we help companies and research institutions discover and evaluate the market potential of new university IP. We accomplish this through a full range of convenient and powerful technology transfer services.

Our services include discovery reports to identify IP acquisition opportunities, analytic reports to assess the market potential of any technology, recruitment services for companies and universities seeking tech transfer professionals and the Tekcapital app to help you locate university IP across 160 countries.


In our search for groundbreaking technologies, we are dedicated to licensing innovations that lead to better products. Specifically, we are focused on:

  • Commercialising university innovations that enable platform technologies with a clear technological advantage, yet are close to market.
  • Enabling companies to meet the quickening pace of innovation with a pipeline of new innovations.
  • Bringing new technologies to market that improve quality of life.
  • Being a tireless and creative partner for our clients and portfolio companies.
  • Providing personalized customer service that lead to long-term relationship